Gather that the TGA may have just banned personal importation, even for those who have a prescription

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Great review.

"The sensible thing for Australian regulators to do would be to .. produce a similar list [of things which cannot be in e-liquid]"

We already have one.


Prohibited ingredients






diethylene glycol

dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate

ethylene glycol

Of course, it cannot be enforced on the majority of the e-cig market - the nicotine based e-cig market, given it's illicit.

PS: I'd love to see Juul apply to the TGA to be granted the right to be prescribed. It'd cause ANTZ head explosions in both the US and Australia. Super bonus, it might even be approved, and if not, be a (further) demonstration of the underlying motivation being anything but health.

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Cinnamon is prohibited?

I can't understand that one?

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There is apparently some lung assault from cinnamaldehyde. Doubtful it is a large risk.

In any case, the flavor industry has known about this for a while and has developed analogues of the cinnamon flavor using combos of other flavors.

What's more(1) insane is that there is a max $1.1 million fine (or 12 years jail) if you hand someone a cinnamon (cinnamaldehyde) vape!


1) Than most of the rest the insane shit the Oz ANTZ achieve.

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