I look forward to the day when I read that nanny state activists have written a report that stands up to even the most basic scrutiny. I won't hold my breath.

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You're doing a great job in bringing this kind of detailed critical attention to the actions of people who want to impose their often bigoted opinions upon the rest of us. They really see any amount of misinterpretation and manipulation of facts as justified if helping to impose their paternalistic controls upon us. It is alarming how we seem increasingly deceived by, or unwilling to face down, any activism claiming virtuous intent.

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On the subject of Sweden (where I live), the power of the temperance lobby here is beyond belief. One day, about ten years ago, my first daughter came home from school with a paper for me to sign which would have consented to her taking part in a one week "camp" out on one of the islands in Stockholm's archipelago.. Normally, I would have given permission for such fun without a second's thought. Then I noticed who was organising the "camp" - the Swedish temperance movement!

I took her teacher to task about this asking why an organisation which has a membership of less than one percent of the population was allowed to organise what would inevitably be a brainwashing exercise.

Sadly, the teacher didn't have a single answer, satisfying or otherwise.

Needless to say, my daughter missed out on her week of pleasant brainwashing and is still able to make up her own mind about whether she wants to drink alcohol and how she views people who do.

I find the influences of minority pressure groups that you have described over the years quite terrifying. The Scots seem to be copying the Swedes when it comes to facilitating this kind of social engineering by intolerant bigots.

As long as governments continue to allow these pigs access to the trough of public funds, I don't see how the situation will improve.

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Indeed, advertising and bans or restrictions on it should both be considered what they really are: WEAK SAUCE. At least in the near term.

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