Malhotra's position on diet and the mRNA injection are defensible. He is encouraging debate about the dysfunction of the healthcare system which most reasonable thinking people know is warranted.

This Substack article is snarky and its underlying motivations need to be revealed.

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Do you receive funding from big pharma? Why are you a denier of truth what is your agenda? All you are doing is trying to discredit someone who knows much more than you do - you are spreading propaganda and obviously signed up to Klaus Schwabs agenda - but guess what, you are not in their plans. The truth will out soon and people who are acting as you are will face justice so good luck Christopher.

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Who ever is writing this is clearly not telling the truth about the vax warnings and should not be trusted on anything written here. The first bank of integrity is a tough lender, tell one lie and your account is closed permanently.

"He also falsely claimed that ‘the vaccine does not have any significant effect on preventing transmission’. Also untrue."

This is actually true and well documented and admitted to by the CDC. In fact, most COVID cases today are among those that have received the mRnA shots.

As well, the documented cases of myocarditis caused by these shots is overwhelming. Isn't it odd that so many people are dying of cause unknown? Many from heart attacks? What is causing this phenomenon and who's investigating it? I guess we'll never know... . Show me the data that substantiates the lies that you are asserting with respect to the mRnA shots.

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Coincidentally, Pfizer's high-level executive Janine Small just admitted in front of the European Parliament that, yes, Pfizer never tested their injection for whether it stopped or slowed transmission, so they didn't have a clue about whether it helped on that.

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This kind of threatening ad hominem piece is actually good for Aseem Malhotra. I was on the fence for a while but once people like you start writing pieces like this it actually reinforces that he is likely to be a genuine person doing something that is very difficult. That is, swimming against the sharks. So thanks for this!

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I think Dr Malhortra is one of a number of people now that are able to analyse data to get some more accurate results regarding the risk/benefit analysis of mRNA treatment for covid. For example: The Florida Department of Health conducted an analysis through a self-controlled case series, which is a technique originally developed to evaluate vaccine safety. This analysis found that there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination. That's very significant to say the least... 84%. This information is coming through many different sources.

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What awful, bitchy writing, with no attempt at looking up the facts for yourself! This is the kind of rubbish that independent thinkers have to put up with daily. Big pharma funds 86% of the MRHA. This has been discussed in parliament. No mention of the Singapore studies on the side effects of covaxes on children. Just blind rhetoric.

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Miserable hit piece.

We will continue to follow the silenced in order to follow true science.

The downfall of the pseudo-science priests is near.

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Interesting perspectives. Obviously everyone is doing his/her best, in the context of each of our own very individual experiences/thoughts/feelings/sensing, of everything, including our own sense of 'self', from birth to death. It's all infinitely complex. and connected, this life and death blend of being a living human, via energies which we are not well-equipped to understand. From my own perspective I've never been healthier since adopting a LCHF diet. I'm now 65 and have plenty of endurance hill-running and suicide/health/other personal experience by which to compare my own different lifestyle experiments over several decades. I'm pleased that I chose not to be vaccinated (each to his/her own choices) not least because I trust my own natural immunity more than pharmaceuticals, although there are many other factors. I'm informed by other considerations such as losing my partner to suicide in 2015, and quite deep study into suicide and pharma, inflammation, etc. Each of us is unique, and democracy is a confusing concept, as is evolution. Placebo and other mysterious energies such as electricity and 'quantum' are all part of the mix that we each try to work with in so many different ways, and ultimately what is anything when we seek to explain it using inadequate human constructs that simply cannot grasp or define infinite concepts. We live, we die. Do we make life hell because we fear death that is not. I wonder. Anyway, love and thanks to all :)

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Dear Mr Snowdon,

> He also falsely claimed that ‘the vaccine does not have any significant effect on preventing transmission’. Also untrue.

Where do you get your facts from?! An official Pfizer representative even told the world a few days ago that they did NOT have any evidence that their vaccine reduces or prevents a virus transmission when they sold vaccine doses for $US 26 billion to the EU, see "Viral transmission not tested in Pfizer trials" from 12-Oct-2022 at Dr John Campbell's YouTube channel.

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This surely looks like a hit piece on Aseem Malhotra.

mRNA vaccines is inherently dangerous as they spread to all parts of the body including the heart and brain. There they delivers its payload of mRNA and make the cells produce the foreign protein. This leads to inflammation at the site and death of cells. In the heart this causes myocarditis among other things.

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I’ve read the Malhotra paper. It’s unoriginal, relies mostly on other peoples’ work except for the anecdotes. However, the facts that you pull up are correct and you are wrong.

The Pfizer trial did have more mortality overall in the vaccine arm due to cardiovascular causes. There were 2 COVID deaths in the control arm vs 1 in the vaccine arm. Nordstrom (a comprehensive study of the entire Swedish population) in the time of delta indicated a probable 40-50% mortality benefit to vaccination for those vulnerable, with Omicron it’s probably far lower, nothing close to the claims made. The age adjusted figures frequently presented are a statistical mirage affected elderly too sick to be vaccinated and the 2 week rule allowing deaths to be shuttled into the unvaccinated group.

Only 17k people with no pre-existing conditions died with/from COVID in the UK (around 10%). Only 20 healthy children and teens died of COVID out of the 185 total most of whom had serious health conditions. This is an insignificant number (statistically) and well within the range of the numbers of vaccine harms in this age group.

The IFR of Omicron is 0.07%, this is less than some regular seasonal flus.

Next time before publishing an article take the time to conduct the appropriate research.

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People who push poison for profit will be held to account in the most extreme ways because THEY FUCKING DESERVE IT

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The concern of many seems to be that injecting mRNA into the body is dangerous and can cause myocarditis. A bit of basic biology. The instructions to make a protein are coded into genes. In order to make a protein in your body the DNA is first transcribed into mRNA and then translated into protein on the ribosomes in your cells. Covid 19 shaves one layer off this by having genes made of RNA so cutting out the need for transcription. It still however has many genes which can be translated into lots of different proteins by your body’s cells. These proteins then direct the assembly of new virus particles which in turn invade more cells and repeat the process thus leading to an exponential growth in the number of viruses in you So infection with covid 19 will cause large amounts of viral mRNA to be generated. One of the virus genes codes for the production of a protein on the virus surface.That protein can be detected by your immune system and an immune response can be mounted. As a result the virus gets fought off and there is a battle which will result in one of two outcomes. You get better or you die. The clever thing about the RNA vaccine is that it introduces a gene for just that outer ‘spike’ protein. Your cells respond by making the protein which in turn stimulates an immune response. But because we’re not making the whole virus the vaccine can’t cause covid. Furthermore, your cells will mop up and dispose of the mRNA after a while. Every time you make an mRNA molecule in a cell it will be removed after a while so as not to keep churning out the protein for ever more.

So the vaccine stimulates an immune response which causes immune memory cells to be activated and a future infection is now less likely to happen and if it does happen is less likely to be severe.

But it’s worth remembering that all medicines are likely to have side effects. My arm hurt a bit for a day or two after my shots. But it’s also worth remembering that the dosage of mRNA in the shot is a hell of a lot smaller than the dosage you will get from covid infection. So if your side effect is a very rare condition called myocarditis that’s unfortunate but you will recover. If you are one of those who might have got myocarditis from the shot having covid is likely to cause much more severe myocarditis

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I would be genuinely interested in your views of Professor Christian Mueller's recent study presented at the Congress of the well respected European Society of Cardiology.


Professor Prasad interprets Professor Mueller's findings, which suggest that every heart is a little bit damaged with every mRNA 'vaccination'. Professor Prasad asks at what point and at what age does the risk/reward ratio become unfavourable with each subsequent booser dose potentially adding to the cummulative damage.


The floor is yours Sir...??

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Totally agree with all you’ve said.. and didn’t know those two facts about Malhotra.

However, what the British heart foundation has said and how much money Malhotra is making does not devalue his findings, (as maybe comments opposing the Pfizer vaccine and how much money they are making doesn’t devalue what the majority say about Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine)

I can’t deny what I know to be true, whether that is from Malhotra, my own circle or various other scientists, doctors, a magistrate and politicians that have been de-platformed / censored for so much as questioning / querying the safety / efficacy of the vaccine.. it shocks me that this doesn’t ring alarm bells for more people.. but then again it doesn’t - the majority is always louder and people often run with the narrative of the mass media rather than think for themselves (I’m not referring to you by the way) just an observation of history.

I apologise for causing you to be so angry, but I don’t apologise for saying what I believe to be true in a country where we still supposedly have freedom of speech.

Bless you.

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